React Boston 2019: Hooks, HOCs, and Tradeoffs

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More thoughts and observations on the tradeoffs involved in using React hooks and React-Redux

Note: If you're looking for my slides on Git Under the Hood: Internals, Techniques, and Rewriting History, I had accidentally temporarily published them under the URL for this post. Please see that link for those slides.

I had the opportunity to speak at React Boston each of the last two years - my first talk on the Redux Ecosystem in 2017), and last year's impromptu talk on "The State of Redux".

This year, I had a chance to do a lightning talk based on my post Blogged Answers: Thoughts on React Hooks, Redux, and Separation of Concerns, and expanded on those thoughts with a look at how we've handled reusing code in React apps in the past and how the tradeoffs of hooks and HOCs manifest themselves in React-Redux.

As always, I had an amazing time, and thanks to the entire React Boston team for putting together a great experience.

(Side note: the really amusing part this year was that I accidentally grabbed my work laptop power cord on the way out the door instead of the charger for my personal laptop, and didn't realize it until I got to the airport. I had to keep my laptop off the whole weekend to preserve battery, and only turned it on for 15 minutes to build and publish my slides the day before, and then about a half hour before I went on stage so I could review and give the talk. Fortunately, it worked out okay. Sure was glad to see the charger on my couch when I got home :) )

Here's the video and the slides:

Hooks, HOCs, and Tradeoffs - video

Hooks, HOCs, and Tradeoffs - slides

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