ReactNext 2019: A Deep Dive into React-Redux

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A presentation on the history and implementation of React-Redux

Last year, I wrote Idiomatic Redux: The History and Implementation of React-Redux. At the time, React-Redux v6 had just been released as a beta.

A lot has happened since then:

  • v6 went final
  • we found out that performance was indeed an issue in real-world apps
  • I published a roadmap for creating v7
  • we implemented and published v7
  • we discussed a potential hooks API, iterated on ideas, and finally published v7.1 with hooks as final yesterday!.

I had a chance to give a talk at ReactNext 2019 based on that blog post. I was able to include slides on both the original blog post content, and updates on the work around v7.

As usual, I'll link to the video once it's available online.

A Deep Dive into React-Redux - slides

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