Presentations: 2022 Podcasts

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A roundup of the various podcasts I've been on this year

I had the opportunity to talk on a number of different podcasts and interviews over the course of the year. I've gathered them here as a directory.

ThisDot / Tracy Lee: How to Contribute to Redux 🔗︎

Tracy Lee is a prolific podcaster, and her company ThisDot creates numerous shows related to the JS ecosystem. She had me on as part of a new "How to Contribute..." series, where I talked about ways to contribute to the Redux libraries.

Kevin Ghadyani: Redux vs React Context 🔗︎

Kevin and I have done a couple long-form video discussions in the last couple years, and he's split those out into several separate videos.

This discussion was actually recorded in mid-2021, but just recently got published. We talked about the actual differences between Context and Redux, and why so many people get confused about the differences.

PodRocket: Time-Travel Debugging with Replay (with Jason Laster) 🔗︎

I previously was a guest on the PodRocket podcast to discuss Redux topics. Shortly after I started working at Replay, they had me on again along with our CEO Jason Laster. We talked about the differences between Replay and "session recording" tools, the internals of how Replay works, and potential future use cases for time-travel debugging.

Guild Community Tour: Mark Erikson 🔗︎

Taz Singh does a lot of interviews with folks in the JS community to help share their stories. He interviewed several folks at the Reactathon conference this year, and we had a chance to sit down and chat. We made a bunch of jokes about my Simpsons avatar, and talked about my early dev career, my time teaching in China, how I got involved in Redux, what prompted some of my blog posts, and the magic of time travel debugging with Replay.

Peerlist: The Mindset of a Redux Maintainer 🔗︎

This was a meetup-type presentation of the "Modern Redux" talk I've done a couple times, but there were also some good questions asked afterwards.

20 Minute JS: Redux Toolkit and State Management in React 🔗︎

Fernando Doglio had me on to discuss some of the basics around "state management", why Redux became popular and then got a bad reputation, comparisons with other state libraries, and how we've modernized it with Redux Toolkit

React Native Radio: A Redux Maintainer's Thoughts on Redux Toolkit vs Mobx-State-Tree 🔗︎

Earlier this year the React Native Radio podcast hosts did a show on Redux Toolkit vs Mobx-State-Tree. It was actually a very fair and balanced discussion, with a bit of a twist because host Jamon Holmgren is the maintainer of MST.

After listening to that episode, I had some thoughts on some of the topics they discussed, and reached out to Jamon. They brought me on for a follow-up episode where we dove into some of the points they'd brought up and I talked about why Redux is designed this way, including the purpose of immutability, pain points with selectors, and other tradeoffs. Really good discussion!

Merged: Leading Tech Communities 🔗︎

Iddan Aaronsohn had me on the "Merged" podcast to discuss a number of topics around my involvement in the tech community. We talked about dealing with social media, sharing knowledge, working with open source, and more.

Reactiflux Office Hours: Lenz Weber-Tronic and Mark Erikson 🔗︎

Carl Vitullo, one of the other admins in the Reactiflux Discord, held an "office hours" interview with myself and my RTK co-maintainer Lenz Weber-Tronic. We chatted about how we got involved with Redux, how users depend on implicit behavior of libraries, complexities of maintaining TypeScript libraries, the job searches we went through this year, and ways that people can get involved with open source.

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