Redux Fundamentals Workshop Slides

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In-depth slides for my Redux Fundamentals workshop

Earlier this year I taught my first-ever workshop, a 2-day in-depth walk through the fundamentals of Redux. I put a lot of work into preparing the slides and exercises, and I'm happy to share them here for use as a reference by anyone wanting to learn Redux:

Redux Fundamentals Workshop: Slides 🔗︎

The workshop is broken into 8 major sections, which I'll link here:

The slides are primarily intended to go along with my explanations in the workshop, but I've tried to make them readable and informative as-is.

The workshop also includes a repository with exercises as well, with a set of exercises for each section of material in the slides:

Redux Fundamentals Workshop: Exercises 🔗︎

See the exercise repo for instructions on setup and running the exercises.

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