Presentations: Using Git Effectively

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A look at how Git works, useful tools and techniques, and recommended best practices

Today I had the opportunity to do a talk on "Using Git Effectively" for the "The Monthly Dev" Meetup stream.

I've done some prior posts and talks about Git usage:

Today's talk was a revised version of the talk from 2019. I covered:

  • How Git actually stores data internally
  • Different kinds of tools you can use with Git
  • Useful techniques for altering that history during development, such as "rebasing" and "cherry-picking"
  • Some suggested best practices for working with Git

Using Git Effectively - slides 🔗︎

The livestream was shown on Youtube and is viewable there:

Using Git Effectively - video 🔗︎

This is a post in the Presentations series. Other posts in this series: