Greatest Hits: The Most Popular and Most Useful Posts I've Written

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The most popular and frequently-referenced posts on this blog


I've accumulated a decent number of posts on this blog over the last few years. I've received a lot of compliments on the quality and usefulness of many of them, with comments like:

  • This is by far the best, most comprehensive blog post I've seen on this sub; by an author who clearly has a deep and precise understanding of how React and Redux work. Well done!
    /u/minty901 on Reddit
  • I imagine it's a pretty thankless task being the redux maintainer these days, especially since useReducer appeared. Despite this Mark is always a positive, calm and insightful voice in all the React discussions I read. And this is a post that embodies all of those things.
    @RichieAHB on Twitter
  • Just wanted to say that ever since I started using redux in a professional setting a little while back, I've become a huge proponent. And that's definitely thanks in part to your engagement with the community and all your writings. So, thanks for taking the time to answer so many people's questions.
    /u/Yodiddlyyo on Reddit

I frequently find myself copying and pasting links to several specific posts over and over to answer people's questions. I also recently asked folks which of my posts they found to be the most useful, and other folks have said they wished there was a list of some of the best posts in one place so they don't have to browse through the whole blog.

So, here you go: the posts that I'd classify as my "greatest hits", based on how often I link them and how much people seem to appreciate them.

Greatest Hits, By Category

Redux: Status, Use Cases, and Comparisons

  • Redux - Not Dead Yet!: a clarification of Redux's status ("IT AIN'T DEAD!"), with comparisons of use cases and usefulness vs other tools like React Context
  • Reactathon 2019 Keynote: The State of Redux: a conference talk that covers Redux's usage and popularity, status updates on React-Redux and Redux Toolkit, and a quick look at the Redux DevTools "action stack trace" feature.
  • React, Redux, and Context Behavior: a short comparison of how Context and React-Redux pass down values and handle updates

React and Redux Internals and Design

React Hooks and Architecture

Redux Architecture and Practices

Other Technical Content

Learning Resources

External Writing

Besides this blog, I've written several major sections of the Redux docs:

  • Redux core docs:
    • Redux Essentials tutorial: a brand-new comprehensive tutorial sequence that covers everything you need to use Redux, "the right way", using our latest recommended tools and practices
    • Redux Style Guide: a list of recommended patterns and practices for writing Redux apps
    • Redux FAQ: my first contribution, a large FAQ section answering many common questions about Redux with links to additional resources
    • Redux core docs: Structuring Reducers: a usage guide section covering techniques for organizing and writing reducer logic, including topics like normalizing data and immutable updates
  • Redux Toolkit docs:
    • RTK tutorials: the RTK "Basic/Intermediate/Advanced" tutorial sequence
    • Usage Guide: instructions on how to use Redux Toolkit effectively

and my links list repos:

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