Presentations: Podcast Appearances in 2020

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Links to the podcasts I appeared on in 2020


Due to the COVID pandemic canceling live conferences, I was unable to give any actual conference talks this year. (I had been scheduled to speak a conference in Japan in March, and one in NYC in July. Both were obviously canceled.)

However, I was invited to be a guest on several different podcasts this year, so I want to round up those appearances for easy reference.

I'll link them chronologically.

July: Modern Web Podcast

In mid July, Tracy Lee invited me to be a guest on the Modern Web Podcast, along with her co-host Ben Lesh.

We covered everyone's favorite topic, "Is Redux Dead?", discussed the creation of Redux Toolkit, reviewed the history of React-Redux, and looked at the differences between NgRx and Redux:

September: Newline Podcast

Around the same time, I was a guest on the Newline Podcast with Amelia Wattenberger and Nate Murray.

We hit some of the same topics, like the history of Redux, use cases for Redux, when and why to choose a particular tool, comparison with Context and Apollo, and the benefits of Redux Toolkit. The episode wasn't published until the end of September:

October: JS Party

In late September, Amal Hussein and Jerod Santo had me as a guest on the JS Party podcast. This discussion was a blast. Amal is a big fan of my work for the community and a constant cheerleader for my efforts, which I really appreciate. In fact, in this podcast, she dubbed me "Tech Support for the React Community" :)

We chatted about how I keep up with answering questions, the history of Redux, why Redux Toolkit was invented and how some of its APIs help reduce boilerplate, and another comparison with Context, MobX, and Apollo. The episode was published a week later:

The episode page has a full transcript, and the JS Party folks later turned an excerpt from that into an excellent standalone blog post:

October: Maintainable Software Podcast

Finally, in mid October, Robby Russell invited me on the Maintainable Software Podcast. This discussion was a nice change of pace - while we did discuss a few things that touched on Redux, the discussion was more about codebase structures, maintainability, documentation, and techniques for migrations and interop instead of the Redux library itself.

This was a nice change of pace from the usual discussions about Redux and RTK.

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