Reactathon 2019 Keynote: The State of Redux

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An extensive look at what's going on with Redux in 2019


Last fall, I gave an impromptu talk on "The State of Redux" at React Boston 2018. In that talk, I looked at topics like:

  • whether Redux is "dead"
  • what's going on with React-Redux
  • our Redux Starter Kit package
  • plans on updates to the Redux docs

I had also presented an "Intro to Redux" talk at Reactathon in March. Ben Dunphy, the organizer, saw my React Boston talk and asked me to present an updated version at the 2019 spring edition of Reactathon.

As with last time, there's no shortage of things to talk about. I tackled the same topics as before, but I had tons of new info to cover in my slides, because there's been a lot of developments over the last few months. In fact, it was a good thing that my talk was a "keynote" and I had 45 minutes to work with instead of 30 - as it was, I still went over time by a few minutes :)

As usual, I used the very nifty Spectacle slides toolset, but this time I used a customized project that lets me used Create-React-App, Spectacle, and the "MDX" Markdown syntax together. This really let me iterate quickly on content as Markdown, and still drop down to writing actual JSX when necessary. I previously put together a CRA+Spectacle+MDX starter project that should be suitable for folks to clone and try out as a starting point.

The talks were recorded, and the full-day livestream recordings are currently available. The individual talks will be put up at a later date.

Until then, here's the direct link to the timestamp of my talk in the livestream:

Video: The State of Redux, March 2019

Here's the slides:

Slides: The State of Redux, March 2019

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