Presentations: Learn Modern Redux Livestream

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A live-coding stream that shows how to use Redux, TS, and RTK Query

This week I had the chance to appear on Jason Lengstorf's "Learn with Jason" livestream show.

The topic was "Learn Modern Redux". We started by recapping some of the usual topics ("what is Redux?", "why do some people dislike Redux?", "how has Redux changed?"), and then dove into live-coding a real Redux app. We showed how to create a new React+TS project using the Vite build tool (similar to Create-React-App), add the Redux packages, and set up Redux Toolkit and React-Redux from scratch (including our recommended TS hooks configuration).

We then showed how to use the upcoming RTK Query data fetching API to request a list of dog breeds from a public API, and display that data in our UI.

I had a blast being on this show, and I think it was a great chance to show folks how we recommend writing Redux code today.

The episode page on the "Learn with Jason" site has the embedded video, transcript, and show notes links:

Learn Modern Redux - episode page, video embed, and transcript 🔗︎

The example app is available as a live demo and the source is in a Github repo:

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