Presentation: Intro to React and Redux

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An up-to-date React+Redux introduction slideset

Last fall, I gave an internal presentation on the history of web development, and an overview of modern web dev tools and technologies. I was recently asked to give a follow-up to that presentation, and I chose to put together an introduction to React and Redux.

I've read through hundreds of React and Redux tutorials (and collected many of them in my React/Redux links list), and among them are several presentations. I opted to base the content for this presentation off of two excellent existing presentations: React to the Future by Elijah Manor, and Redux: From Twitter Hype to Production by Jenya Terpil. I used the content sequencing, examples, and images in this presentation. Full credit goes to them for the original content.

That said, this slideshow does include a fair amount of original content. I've updated all code examples to use the latest ES6+ syntax; included additional material discussing use of Javascript frameworks, the React ecosystem, JSX usage, good render logic, container/presentational components, Flux, Redux concepts, and use of Redux with React; and included my usual list of links to relevant resources and learning material.

As with last time, I used the very nifty Spectacle web presentation tool to put together these slides. This came in particularly helpful because Spectacle 2.0 added support for live interactive component playgrounds as slides, which allowed me to embed several real working React component demos in the presentation.

The slides are available here:

Modern Web Development with React and Redux 🔗︎

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