Presentation: JavaScript for Java Devs

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A comprehensive overview of JavaScript and its ecosystem

My project at work is in the process of gearing up for a major development cycle, and I've wound up in charge of helping to train a bunch of Java and C++ devs on how to use JavaScript, React, Redux, and TypeScript.

As part of that, I put together a 4-hour internal presentation, which I labeled "JavaScript for Java Devs".

It... kinda grew. Okay, it grew a lot. I wound up covering a ton of material - not only JS and its many intricacies, but DOM/HTML/CSS basics, HTTP requests, Node, NPM, TypeScript, and much more.

I also added a "recommended front-end learning resources path" section at the end, with a list of "must read" and "useful reference" links for JS/React/Redux/TS - basically, a condensed version of my links list, intended to help people get up to speed on these topics from scratch.

Here's the outline:

The talk was recorded, but only internally. However, I'm making the slides available publicly as a reference. Hopefully this proves useful for folks!

JavaScript for Java Devs - slides 🔗︎

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