Presentation: Intro to React and Redux (March 2018)

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An up-to-date React+Redux introduction slideset

I had the opportunity to present my "Intro to React and Redux" talk at the Dayton Web Developers meetup this evening. We had an excellent turnout, and a lot of good questions and interest. Thanks to DWD for the chance to share about React and Redux!

It's been a year since I last presented on this topic, so I updated the slides considerably. I updated several sections to match behavior in React 16, added info on React requirements and deployment, and expanded the section on using React and Redux together. I also included some additional resource links, and improved the sequence of information.

As always, I used the very nifty Spectacle web presentation tool to put together these slides. Not only is Spectacle a React-based toolkit, the "live component playgrounds" feature let me show component examples that rendered into the page, and updated live as I edited them.

The slides are available here:

Modern Web Development with React and Redux

The talk was recorded, and I'll include a link to the video once it's published.

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