React Boston 2017 Presentation: You Might Need Redux (And Its Ecosystem)

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An overview of Redux's extensible design and the Redux ecosystem

I was accepted as a speaker for the first-ever React Boston conference, and gave a talk entitled "You Might Need Redux (And Its Ecosystem)". This was actually my first public talk ever (although I'd done other talks internally at work), so I was really excited for this opportunity.

I had a lot of fun giving this talk, and really appreciate the positive feedback I received afterwards. A few examples:

As usual, I used the very nifty Spectacle web presentation tool to put together the slides for the talk.

The slides are available here:

You Might Need Redux (And Its Ecosystem) 🔗︎

Also, my talk can be viewed in the ReactBoston recorded livestream. Unfortunately the livestream quality is rather low - I'm hoping that a better quality version of the talk might be posted online after the conference. But, it's sufficient to hear what I had to say, and also see how much of a dork I am on stage :)

The Wayfair Blog has a great summary of the conference.

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