Practical Redux course now available on!

This is a post in the Practical Redux series.

Practical Redux is now an interactive course on!

I'm very excited to announce that my "Practical Redux" tutorial series is now an interactive course on!

Ever since I started writing this series, I've had people suggest that I ought to turn it into a book, course, or something along that line. While I don't have any real interest in writing a book, Educative's platform for building interactive courses sounded like it would be a great fit for the material in Practical Redux. In particular, the ability to create fully runnable in-course versions of an application is a great way to demonstrate what the app looks like as it's built.

For the last several months, I've been working on turning the Practical Redux blog posts into an Educative course. While the course has the same core content as the posts, I didn't want it to just be a complete copy-paste duplicate of the posts. I've taken this as a chance to clean up, reorganize, and improve several sections of the content, and rebuilt the Project Mini-Mek sample application as well.

Here's some of the changes in the course compared to the posts:

  • I've rearranged the content so that the project setup process is first. That section now includes the info on using Yarn's "offline mirror" feature for package management.
  • The Redux-ORM section has been heavily reworked. It now comes in between the project setup and data loading sections, which is when you actually need to learn about it. I've also updated all the info on Redux-ORM to cover the v0.9 API, which simplifies several aspects of using it.
  • I've added an extensive summary of the info contained in the lessons, and a set of suggestions for further resources and learning.
  • Lots of small tweaks and improvements to descriptions and wording.
  • I rebuilt the Project Mini-Mek sample app from the first commit. As with the written content, the code is largely the same, but I've cleaned up some of the inconconsistencies that came from being developed over time.
  • And, multiple runnable and editable examples of the application to show its implementation and progression throughout the course.

Here's the course link:

Practical Redux course on

You'll need a free account on Educative in order to purchase the course.

I'd like to thank everyone who's read the "Practical Redux" series thus far, and especially those who have left encouraging comments or said thanks elsewhere. I've really enjoyed writing these posts, and I've got many more topics I want to cover in this series. No specific timeline yet for the next post, but I'm hoping to find time to resume writing the post series in the near future.

This is a post in the Practical Redux series. Other posts in this series: