Posts on PacktPub: "Generic Redux Modals" and "Building Better Bundles"

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A couple months back I was invited to write a pair of blog posts to be published on PacktPub's blog. Took some time for those posts to work their way through the system, but they're finally published and available.

The first, Creating Reusable Generic Modals in React and Redux, recaps Dan Abramov's technique for managing display of a modal dialog using Redux state, then describes a technique I developed that allows generic "picker" dialogs such as a ColorPicker to be reused by different parts of an application while keeping the Redux state serializable.

The second post, Building Better Bundles: why process.env.NODE_ENV Matters for Optimized Builds, looks at what NODE_ENV means, how it is used for build optimization, and some specific aspects of its use that may be confusing or not immediately clear.

I know the NODE_ENV topic in particular is something that I've seen questions about, so hopefully having the info in one article will be a useful resource.

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