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Advice and resources for getting started with Redux

When Should I Learn Redux?

Our recommendation is to focus on learning React itself very well first. Once you have a good grasp on React, you'll have a better understanding of why a state management library like Redux can be useful. Also, while Redux is simple in some ways, it can be complex in others, and it can have a steep-ish learning curve depending on your background.

Redux may not seem very useful with small or toy apps. The typical example is a Todo list, but that's just to illustrate the basic mechanics and data flow. At that level, the benefits of Redux aren't very apparent, and the amount of overhead will definitely seem large. But, once you understand the principles, you can consistently apply them no matter how big an app is.

If you're not sure whether you should learn Redux yet, here's some suggested resources:

Suggested Resources for Learning Redux

Once you are ready to learn Redux, start with the official docs at , and watch Dan Abramov's tutorial videos on

We've recently created a new official package called Redux Toolkit, which is intended to help simplify common tasks like setting up a Redux store and writing immutable update logic in reducers. I highly recommend that you try it out.

We also now have a new published official docs site for React-Redux at

I gave a 45-minute "Redux Fundamentals" presentation at Reactathon 2018, which includes links to both the video of the talk and the slides.

I've also put the slides and exercises for my "Redux Fundamentals" workshop online. It's a greatly expanded version of the material from the Reactathon presentation.

From there, my React/Redux links list has a large section of Redux tutorials, as well as sections on Redux Reducers and Selectors, Redux Architecture, and Redux Side Effects, and a lot more.

Since there's a lot of articles in my list, I'll highlight a few:

If you want to see how Redux fits into a somewhat larger application, I can recommend this 8-part "Build a Simple CRUD App with React and Redux" series, and my own "Practical Redux" tutorial series.

And finally, my "Idiomatic Redux" series has articles that go deeper into different Redux usage patterns, the history and intent behidn Redux's design, and what I consider to be the right ways to use Redux.

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