Blogged Answers: Resources for Learning React

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Advice and resources for getting started with React

The article "A Study Plan to Cure Javascript Fatigue" ( ) is a great place to start. It gives an excellent series of steps for tackling modern Javascript concepts one piece at a time: Javascript, React, ES6, and state management. There's also a "Front-End Study Guide" based on that article that's very good, at .

On that note, definitely don't over-complicate the learning process by trying to learn many different things at once. Some people will say you should use a "boilerplate" to learn React, and they're wrong - boilerplate projects almost always come with too many pieces configured, and are confusing for beginners.

Instead, the best advice is to focus on learning React itself first. Once you have a good understanding of how React works, you will better appreciate why a state management library like Redux can be useful, and you can learn about other tools later.

You should start out by reading through the official React docs and tutorial at, and I'd encourage you to use the official Create-React-App tool ( ) for setting up projects. It creates a project with a solid build setup, with no configuration needed on your part. There's an excellent post called "Simple React Development in 2018" ( ) that gives some more specific instructions on the actual steps to follow. For an even simpler setup, CodeSandbox ( ) is an online editor that lets you build entire React projects right away.

Here's some specific learning resources I recommend:

Past that, I keep a big list of links to high-quality tutorials and articles on React, Redux, and related topics, at . Specifically intended to be a great starting point for anyone trying to learn the ecosystem, as well as a solid source of good info on more advanced topics. It includes links for learning core Javascript (ES5), modern Javascript (ES6+), React, Redux, and much more. I also published an "Intro to React (and Redux)" presentation at , which is a good overview of the basic concepts for both React and Redux.

Finally, the Reactiflux chat channels on Discord are a great place to hang out, ask questions, and learn. The invite link is at .

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