Presentations: Debugging Software

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Guidelines and techniques for debugging, and stories of solving real-world bugs

Today I had the chance to do a talk on "Debugging Software" for a meetup hosted by

I previously did a post on Debugging Tips, where I listed some quick tips for thinking about debugging, and recapped the stories of several interesting bugs I ran into and solved.

Today's talk was based on that post. I covered:

  • Concepts and principles for thinking about debugging, as well as some additional tips
  • Specific techniques for debugging, including how to use both print logging and GUI debuggers effectively, as well strategies for debugging React, Redux, and JS
  • "Scene of the crime"-themed versions of some of those debugging stories

Debugging Software - slides 🔗︎

The livestream was shown on Zoom, and should hopefully be up on Mintbean's Youtube channel in the near future. I'll link it here when it's available.

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